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Roles and Responsibilities of the Board

As presented in the By Laws, the purpose of the Board is “to serve as advisors to the Administrator of Unique residential Care Center on fundraising for quality improvement issues, promotion of community involvement, development of fundraising strategies and events.”
To fulfill its purpose, the Board is organized with the following positions, whose responsibility is to fulfill the mission of the organization:

  • President
  • Vice President (s)
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Directors/ Members
  • President of the Resident Council
  • President of the Family Council
  • Facility Administrator (Ex-officio)
  • Director of Development and Volunteer Services (Ex-officio)

The Board meets six (6) times per year.  The Annual Meeting is conducted in June where new officers may be voted into office.  Depending upon the office, the length of service could be one or two years, not to exceed five years total. The responsibilities and expectations of each officer are explained in each job description.

Standing Committees

There are four standing committees: Executive, Finance, Public Relations and Resident Services.  At least three members of the Board must serve on any given committee in order for it to operate.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will consist of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, and chairperson of each sub-committee. The Executive Committee will act as a steering committee for the full Board on urgent matters referred by the Administrator or sub-committee of the Board when action is needed between meetings of the full Board.  It will develop goals for the full Board and review and offer suggestions on draft activity and meeting calendars.

Resident Service Committee

Unique Residential Care Center is committed to having a Quality Improvement Program which will help ensure quality care and improved service for the residents.  The committee will play a valuable role in the implementation and evaluation of the effectiveness of the Quality Improvement program.  The committee can also bring its expertise to bear in suggesting solutions which include using outside resources and volunteers to augment staff efforts as well as how to meaningfully integrate the observations and efforts of volunteers into the Quality Imporovement Program.  The committee may wish to review deficiencies, staffing patterns, contract language, and other policies and procedures as they relate to the Center’s program.

Public Relations Committee

Concerns for this committee include membership of the Board, general appearance of the interior and exterior of the building, fund raising for specific projects and safety accommodations for the residents.  The development of funding sources is this committee’s most important task.

Finance Committee

It is the responsibility of this committee to evaluate and recommend a resource to conduct the annual audit for the IRS 990.

Duties of a Committee Chairperson

  • Arrange  time and place of committee meeting
  • Have a clear understanding of work to be accomplished
  • Present general plan of work to be accomplished
  • Delegate work responsibilities and coordinate work of the committee members
  • Prepare meeting agenda, preside over meeting and lead discussion
  • If necessary, coordinate work of the committee with the other Board committees
  • Prepare final report with copies to the Board Chair and Secretary
  • Give a verbal report to the Board
  • Transfer files or materials to successor if necessary.

Suggestions on how members of the Resident Community Advisory Board can best support our Residents

1. Strive to increase support by contacting Fraternities, Sororities, fraternal organizations and local community groups and share brochures and other sources of information;
- Fill vacant seats on the Board by way of contacts
- Solicit above contact regards donations of birthday cakes, bingo prizes, wish list gifts;
- Solicit groups to support URCC events by being physically presents during various events and lending hands on support

2. Contact agencies/groups that will provide speakers to come to URCC to share information on current topics of interest to our residents

3. Solicit groups that will visit with our residents especially during the weekends and holidays   

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