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Below is a list of services offered by Unique Residential Care Center ( URCC )


A team of professional dentists and hygienists are on location to satisfy the specific needs of the residents. Understanding that needs may arise outside of the standard times; the dental staff is available 24 hours for emergency dental care.  Residents may also retain or maintain their community dentist while at URCC.

Pet Project

Animals can be the key to both rehabilitation and emotional nourishment. To secure these benefits for the residents, supervised animals are used during Pet Therapy Program to achieve a physical, cognitive, social and emotional bond with animals.


URCC understands the importance of pharmaceuticals when it comes to the residents. Therefore, through a contract with a pharmaceutical company, the facility provides necessary medication at the convenience of the residents. A team of registered nurses work closely with the physicians and the residents to ensure that medical needs are addressed and treated when identified. To provide the best care possible, we also employ Licensed Practical Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants.

Financial Services

At URCC, Medicare, Medicaid, private pay and some private insurances are accepted. Residents, families or a responsible party of a resident may pay their expenses through checks, credit cards or money order. When costs of care deposits are received for Medicaid residents, a monthly seventy dollar allowance for personal use is allocated to the residents.


A team of dietary professionals work daily to provide nourishing and appetizing meals, snacks and beverages to the residents to ensure that dietary needs are satisfied. Each resident’s health circumstances are different so nutritionists and dieticians routinely meet with residents to guarantee that each unique need is met.

Podiatry Services

URCC contracts a certified podiatrist to provide foot care on location at resident’s request and needs. It is one of the many goals to ensure that all medical needs are met without complication or inconvenience. Residents may also retain or maintain their community podiatrist.


In order to encourage an environment of community and stimulation, daily activities are scheduled.  Our Recreational and Therapeutic Activities Department provides the residents with recreational and therapeutic activities onsite as well as offsite. This department implements specific activities to restore and improve functioning, psychosocial abilities and independence through the use of small groups, large groups, individualized outcome-based therapeutic interventions and divisional activities. Some of the many recreational activities include arts and crafts, baking groups, garden club, bingo nights, monthly birthday celebrations, reminiscence, sensory stimulation activities, picnics, and trips to National Monuments, museums and beaches.

Rehabilitation Services

A contracted vendor is provided by URCC to meet the residents’ rehabilitation needs through services such as speech, occupational, and physical therapy. URCC strives at assuring that residents will take advantage of these services in order to achieve the highest level of functioning and independence in activities of daily living.


The community advisory board consists of community members, church members, volunteer organizations, local businesses, civic leaders and government officials who devote their time to increasing quality of life at the facility by establishing a fun environment. The board is a 501(c) (3) responsible for raising funds for activities and special events that the residents can enjoy.

Religious Services

URCC provides religious related activities on Sundays, weekdays and on official religious holidays. It is understood that all residents may not follow the same denomination; as such multiple services are offered to satisfy the many religions celebrated at the facility. If you wish to take part in any religious activities held here at URCC you may contact your unit charge nurse for further information.

Residents and Family Council

The formation of the Residents and Family Council was created to provide an open forum for residents and their families to express their opinions, suggestions and concerns regarding the facility and its services. The council not only helps URCC to improve services and level of care, but also helps plan and enact various activities.

Resident's Personal Fund

In order to ensure that residents are provided optimal financial services, a federally ensured bank handles the Residential Personal Fund Management System (RFMS).

Resident's Personal Laundry

Hygiene is of the upmost importance, and for the convenience of the residents we offer laundry services free of charge. In addition, a private laundry room is made available for residents and or families who wish to wash their own clothes.

Resident's Rights

Residents have the right to a dignified existence of self-worth and determination. Residents have the right to communicate their needs and wants to persons inside and outside of the facility. Along with communication, residents reserve the right to access persons and services within the facility at the upmost convenience. A copy of Resident’s Rights is given to residents or a responsible party upon admission.

Secured Unit

Dementia is not a specific disease, it is a term that describes a wide range of symptoms associated with a decline in memory coupled with either concentration, judgement orientation or other issues with cognition. At URCC , we have a secured unit with trained staff who try to understand those effected by dementia by being with them in their world, trying to seeing things from their perspective and approaching them in an interactive mannor that suits their needs.

Social Services

URCC employs social workers who work closely with the residents to assist them at achieving medically-related social services needs. The social workers are members of the interdisciplinary team who develop and formulate the resident care plan. They assist families in coping with issues such as nursing home living, discharge back to their own home, alternative living arrangements and death and dying.

Vision Services

To provide on location vision care, a contracted ophthalmologist is available. Residents may retain or maintain their community ophthalmologist while at URCC.


At URCC, we believe that residing in the heart of the city should not stop the residents from enjoying nature. With that thought in mind, residents are able to stop and smell the roses in our lush courtyard garden. We believe that the courtyard should be the hub of the facility, a place where residents can relax, socialize and enjoy special events such as vegetable garden tending, cookouts and movies under the stars.

Gift Shop

On the second floor south side of the building, residents and their families can stop by the corner store and purchase a snack from a variety of choices. This feature was added for the convenience of the residents and their families when they have a craving for something sweet, salty, cold or crunchy. The gift shop offers a variety of items based on resident’s surveys.

The Man Cave

Our facility would not be complete without a man cave. In fact, URCC is probably the only nursing home in the nation to establish a room purely devoted to sports lovers.  The room is highly cherished by the residents, decorated with jerseys signed by athletes and a big screen TV for sporting events. At the center, residents are able to kick back and relax while rooting on their favorite sports team.

Designated Smoking Area

Since URCC cares a great deal about the safety and health of the residents, smoking is prohibited within the facility. As a non-smoking facility and for safety precaution, residents are discouraged from possessing cigarettes or any other flammable items. However, smoking is allowed in a designated area of the courtyard, an aspect of freedom and choice that residents appreciate.

Additional Unique Features at URCC

Special Services

  • 24-hour Skilled Nursing Care
  • Accelerated Care Plus(ACP)
  • Alzheimer's/Dementia
  • Audiological Services
  • C-Pap & Bi-Pap
  • Diagnostic Services

Unique Boutique

We know that when our residents look good, they feel good. In order to bring stylish clothing to them without jeopardizing their finances, we established Unique Boutique, a clothing store stocked with donated items from summer hats to winter coats. At the store, a resident can choose an item free of charge, whether that item is a small necklace or a fancy dress. We want the residents to take advantage of the stylish clothes located in the boutique and once again feel that independence of shopping for a new wardrobe.

  • Nautilus
  • Ocupational Therapy
  • Omnicycle
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Radiology

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