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Why support URCC-RCAB

(a) URCC-RCAB goal is to optimize the living experience  of our Residents, by providing wonderful entertainment throughout the year, great Summer outings, such as visits to the museums, the National Parks, The Theatre and the beach. And for the Residents who are unable to leave the facility and go into the community, we want to be able to bring the community to them, with great volunteer supported activities.

(b) Every donation impacts our residents lives, by helping to provide snacks for their recreational activities, offsetting transportation cost, assisting with hair care,winter coats, clothing, art supplies, and their social, cognitive and physical well being.

A gift of your time, in-Kind, or monetary means sustainability for their future.

RCAB is a Charitable Organization under section 501(c)3 of the Internal revenue Code. Therefore the monetary and in-kind gifts are tax deductible.

For further information on how you can support our residents, please contact Monique Way by Phone: 202-535-2094 and /or email at mway@urccenter.com

Ways to support URCC-RCAB

(a) New Bus Fund.
To Purchase a bus with more wheel chair capacity. As our Resident population changes, (older and disabled) we need to be able to better serve their transportation needs.


(b) Friend of RCAB Fund.
Supports the social, cognitive and physical needs of our Residents. Such as their recreational activities, activities to maintain and /or improve their mental and physical well being.


(c) Adopt a Bench: (RCAB FUND)
Your name or someone of your choosing name, will be memorialized/ engraved onto one of the benches in the URCC courtyard.

(d) (Adopt a Hallway) (RCAB FUND)
A Hallway of your choosing in the glorious Unique Residential Care Center will be named after you or someone of your choosing. 



Checks or Money Orders can be made payable to RCAB and mailed to 901 1st street NW Washington, D.C. 20001.


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