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Welcome message from Kevin Archer - President of the Residential Community Advisory Board

The heart of Unique Residential Care Center’s success truly resides in our dedicated staff, outstanding volunteers, and our wonderful residents. Our facility is one of a wide range of experiences, cultures and opportunities. The goal of the Unique Residential Care Center’s  Resident Community Advisory Board (URCC-RCAB) is to support the dedicated staff of URCC in providing the most optimal living experience possible for our residents. From fundraisers, to holiday events, to outings in the community, URCC-RCAB is devoted to our residents to make life at URCC just like living at home.

URCC-RCAB is a diverse group of community leaders, church leaders, retirees, and various other individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. With this diverse group, the board looks to tap into area resources that can help benefit the residents and the facility. Presiding over the board has been a very rewarding experience as it is such a joy to see how the board does in conjunction with the staff and volunteers really increases the quality of life for our residents.

It currently is a very exciting time at Unique Residential Care Center with new renovations and a glamorous new courtyard. The future for URCC is shinning brighter than ever. The board will continue to support the staff and vows to be an enthusiastic partner in making URCC the best home away from home for our magnificent residents.

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